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PricingPricingPricingOne Time License for ITSP
Call Hold
Attended Call Transfer
Blind Call Transfer
Caller/Callee Photo Display
Call Status/Priority Display
Call Time Display
Call Rejection
Call Forwarding
Call Overflow
Instant Message
Outlook Integration
Direct Dialing
Voicemail Status
Voicemail Quick Call
Latency Tracker
Missed Calls
Call Log
Desktop Alerts
Tray Icon
Drag and Drop
Keyboard Shortcuts
Callto URL
Global Call Shortcut
Echo Cancellation
Local/External Directories
Directory Filtering
Directory Search
Directory Import/Export
Caller to Directory
USB Headset/Handset
Adjustable Font
XML Configuration
Customizable User Settings
USB Light/Ringer
Voice Effects
XMPP Integration
Custom Music on Hold
Call Recording
LDAP Support
Provisioning System
Online Web Settings
Remote Logging
Customizable Workspace
Directory Layouts
Call Hold Time Display
Call Hold Time Warning
Call Interception
Web Browser Window
CRM Window
Hard Phone Mode
Blind Call Transfer Queueing
Phone Presence Details
Call Destination Display
Linked Directories
Greeting Sentence
User Alerts
Call Tagging
Auto Answer
E-mailer Window
Notepad Window
Phone PresenceUnlimited2010
Concurrent CallsUnlimited632