Blue Skin

VOP Blue Skin
Selectable skins that fit with your desktop.

Silver Skin

VOP Silver Skin
Selectable skins that fit with your desktop.

Black Skin

VOP Black Skin
Selectable skins that fit with your desktop.

Micro Edition

VOP Micro
Compact Micro edition for desktop computers.

Customizable Workspace

VOP Table Layout
Windows can be moved around, calls and directories offer multiple views.


Built-in CRM window to manage caller records while processing calls.


VOP Web Window
Built-in web browser window to navigate internet/intranet web sites or manage users schedules.


VOP E-mailer
Built-in e-mailer to quickly send e-mails which are automatically filled up with callers information.

Features Videos

Call Management

Watch how to process and transfer calls using context menu or intuitive drag and drop.

User Interface

Discover how you can customize the workspace for your personal use.

Directory Management

Learn how to create a new directory, add a new user and enable his phone presence.

Our Customers Videos

Presentation by Teo

A short presentation of a touch screen integration made by Teo one of our integrators.

Presentation by Yiptel

An extensive presentation made by Yiptel one of our resellers.

Presentation by TWT

A presentation in Italian made by TWT one of our resellers.